Samantha Mookie Jones

My name is Samantha Mookie Jones and this is one of my favorite pictures below. To the left is my cousin Sarah, my peepe Dah, and myself.


I am currently 19 years old, a third year at CSUN, and new to the Asian American Studies department. I’m a quiet person when not around family and close friends. I tend to be shy and self conscious around strangers and my peers, assessing them while they assess me. At least I’m assuming that’s what others are doing or maybe they could simply careless about me and who I am and I’m just over analyzing; another common trait of mine. When I’m having conversations with my family and friends over so-called controversial issues however, that’s when the the words start to flow and the volume level raises.

I enjoy sarcasm, new perspectives, the arts: specifically dance and writing. My favorite style to watch would be contemporary, but the bay area hip-hop scene would be my favorite style to partake in.

My favorite group of all time is NSYNC. I’m low-key obsessed with boy bands of the late 80’s and 90’s, they were so modern yet so classic.

I believe in God.

I think there is good in everyone, but I believe its very hard to find sometimes.

I believe everything happens for a reason, but not every reason is meant to be understood or is even explainable.

But! The last and most important thing to know about me is my little brother, Peter (age 7) and my little sister, Jamie (age 10)  are the light in my world.



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