Presley Kann

Prsly is what I like to be known as, not a man, not a person, but a symbol.  Ok, maybe not.  But narcissism is a good option nowadays.  Have you heard of Southeast Asians?  Well, good for you if you have because I am one of them; more specifically Cambodian Amerikan.  Throughout the 21 years of my existence I have observed much and subjectively made assumptions, because I need to face it (and so does everyone else) – I am biased.  And I am proud of it.  The four pillars of my brain are: Sexuality, racism, classism, and everything else.  Just to let you know – most people say that I am liberal; I personally don’t think I am, because I am way more left than that.

I was matriculated into CSUN in the fall of 2009, YAY for fifth year seniors.  Pardon my enthusiasm for the postponement of my culmination, but the truth is I am afraid of the real world – it is a frontier I will trudge begrudgingly.

A truthful depiction of a boy and his grandmother.

I am highly influenced by music ranging from Grandmaster Flash to Phantogram; I like sounds that are bound together to make me enjoy today .  Also, I am influenced by  Amerikan pop culture; which has given me the ability to have variegated and sometimes facetious observations of the world.


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