Ahriz Diaz

Born in the Philippines on March 1, 1993.

I remember growing up and learning about the language of English. I was made fun of due to my inability to properly speak English, which somewhat damaged me in away that I’m still unable to describe. I migrated from the Philippines in third grade. I was a wall flower due to my inability to properly converse in English with the other students. I gradually started learning and becoming fluent due to my nonstop viewing of television shows. Watching tv thought how to converse to people and gave me a somewhat blueprint of the American culture. The irony from back then is that now I’ve taken a liking to writing and is writing in English at this very moment.

What’s so different about the person that I was when I was younger? I honestly feel that I still am that little boy who didn’t know how to converse with his peers but now the only difference is I’ve learned more vocabulary. Learning gave me the ability to  express my thoughts in a clearer way and now my hobby is to write and express my thoughts through the use of the English language.

Growing up I never I had anyone to talk to about the things that would pop up inside my mind. Writing became a savior for my insanity. Writing gave me the tools to fully know and discover myself as a human being. Photo on 3-6-13 at 5.14 PM #3


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